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Audio Facts
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  1. Every week, over 240 million individuals nationwide listen to the radio.
  2. Source – RADAR 108, March 2011
  3. Radio reaches more people daily than the Internet.
  4. Source: RAB Marketing Guide -
  5. In an average week, radio reaches more people today than it did in 1970… 40 years later.
  6. Source – Time Spent Listening Per Week Report(c) Arbitron: Monday-Sunday 24 hours/Persons 12+
  7. Every week, 93% of people over the age of 12 invite radio to be a major part of their lives.
  8. Source – RADAR 108, March 2011
  9. Every week, 92% of American teenagers listen to radio - two thirds of which listen even more than they did last year.
  10. Source: RAB Marketing Guide -
  11. Nearly two thirds of consumers listen to the radio minutes prior to shopping.
  12. Source 2010 Council for Research Excellence
  13. On any given day, people are spending more time with radio than the Internet.
  14. Source: 2010 Arbitron Inc. / Edison Research
  15. In the past week, nearly 60 million people have listened to digital radio.
  16. Source: Arbitron/Edison Research 2011
  17. Adding internet radio to an over-the-air campaign more than triples ad response.
  18. Source:
  19. People who listen to radio online actually listen to more terrestrial radio than the average listener.
  20. Source: Online radio listeners listen to terrestrial radio 20% more: 2010 ARB/Edison report.
  21. Audio content has an equal if not greater emotional impact on consumers than visual content.
  22. Source: Radio Ad Lab Study – Personal Relevance II -
  23. At the end of commercial breaks, research shows that 92% of audience levels remained the same as before the break.
  24. Source: RAB Marketing Guide -
  25. Facebook has a monthly unique audience of just over 150 million people… almost 90 million LESS than the leading radio company.
  26. Source: Facebook - comscore Jan-April 2011, Clear Channel (leading radio company) Persons 12+, Arbitron Nationwide, Fall 2010 DMA, Based on contracted times for all Premiere affiliates, Includes all reported AM/FM radio affiliates, Cumes for 2 or more weeks have been developed based on Arbitron multi-week factors
  27. People would actually rather give up their email, cell phones, and iPods than give up their radio.
  28. Source: 2010 Jacobs Tech Survey
  29. Radio is mobile media; it captures 89% of in-car media time!
  30. Source: RAB Marketing Guide -
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